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Corruption Tracker – launch (online)

The Corruption Tracker is an up-to-date, online tracker of all cases and robust allegations of corruption in the global arms trade.

About this event

The organisers say:

“We would be very pleased to see you at our official launch event, happening on December 8th, 2020 at 4pm Central European Time. The event will feature an introduction to the project as well as inputs from various renowned international experts. Further details will be sent out soon. To receive updates you can sign up to our mailing list at

The project brings together a network of journalists, academics, and activists in the field, who contribute to an online database documenting the cases and allegations. By exposing and opposing the most corrupt business sector in the world, we wish to strengthen democracies and systems of good governance.

The Tracker is a collaborative project established in 2020 between the World Peace Foundation (Boston, MA), Shadow World Investigations (London, UK), and the Global Net Stop the Arms Trade at the Arms Information Centre (Freiburg, Germany). The tracker’s initial set of cases builds on the work of SWI and data collected by the WPF’s Compendium on Arms Trade and Corruption.”

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