Text reading Mark Thomas, Cuckooed, a comedy of betrayal on a yellow background. Mark Thomas' head and shoulders are pictured on the right wearing shades which overlap with the black stripe that highlights the word 'cuckooed'

Cuckooed – Mark Thomas: livestream

Cuckooed is the true story of how award-winning comedian Mark Thomas discovered his close friend was spying on him for Britain's biggest arms dealer. Watch the livestream, followed by a live Q&A featuring CAAT, and help raise money for our work.

a comedy of betrayal
The true story of how Mark discovered his close friend was spying on him for Britain’s biggest arms dealer. A tale of hubris, friendship, loss and undercover deceit told by an award-winning comedian.

Watch a live-stream of Mark Thomas’ powerful show ‘Cuckooed’, followed by a live Q&A with Mark, featuring Campaign Against Arms Trade.


Deeply powerful… A profound exploration.

The List

Political theatre at its very best.

British Theatre Guide

Cuckooed leaves a lasting impression.

Sunday Herald

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