still of the title page of the film Hell Untld

Hell Unltd: outdoor film screening in Liverpool

still of the title page of the film Hell Untld

Join us to watch a collection of short films including Hell Unltd (1936), with guest speakers from Campaign Against Arms Trade

Saturday, September 5th,  9pm, Atlantic Way (next to the River Mersey), outside Brunswick Business Park. See the location on a map here

The L15 film cooperative are staging a very special event- this September, we’ll be projecting an anti-arms trade film… onto an arms factory.

Hell Unltd. was made as a protest against profits in armaments during a period when fascism was growing throughout Europe. The film is political in nature but, unlike many political films of the period, also heavily experimental, mixing puppets, diagrams, animation, and archival footage at an extremely rapid tempo. Norman McLaren and Helen Biggar’s “Hell Unltd” was one of the first ever agit-prop, anti-war films. Released in 1936, it expertly combines stop motion animation and allegory to form a powerful argument against the war industry. In our screening, the silent film has been overlaid with a beautiful deep house mix by Deepchord.

This will be an outdoor event, being projected onto the side of a building in L3 area. Please dress accordingly. If you need help finding the venue, please TEXT/PHONE the FILM LINE on the day on 07835853082

This free outdoor film screening is taking place as part of the Scalarama Film Festival. You can find out more about this event on the L15* website.

*The L15 Coop is always open to new members. We collectively own one projector and show films out of living rooms, community centers and church halls. They are informal happenings which any coop member can organize. How do you become a coop member? Come to screenings!

CAAT would not exist without its supporters. Each new supporter helps us strengthen our call for an end to the international arms trade.

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