DPRTE 2017

Defence Procurement, Research, Technology & Exportability

For existing and aspiring defence suppliers of all sizes looking for
business growth, DPRTE 2017 will draw together over 1500 key decision makers from across the defence sector to examine the opportunities and challenges facing the modern-day UK Armed Forces.
(DPRTE, Why Exhibit)

Protest: see “Protesters are planning a demonstration at what they are calling an ‘arms fair’ in Cardiff”, WalesOnline,

UK DSO presence: DIT DSO reported that DPRTE 2017 was its “best and busiest yet”: “The DIT DSO exhibition stand, staffed by members of the DIT DSO Small Business Unit, Events Team and Military Export Support Team, received a constant stream of enquiries from UK companies. Many of which were considering military and security markets as an outlet for overseas trade for the first time.”

Website: www.dprte.co.uk

Exhibitor list:: www.dprte.co.uk/exhibiting/exhibitor-list/.

Organiser: BIP Solutions


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