"Protesters holding the flag of Bahrain outside the South Korean embassy in London

Take part near you

CAAT's campaigns are effective because people like you take co-ordinated action around the country.

Campaigning ideas

There are many ways you can challenge the arms trade!

Take Action Online

Writing to your MP or local councillors, signing a petition, getting the word out on Facebook or Twitter is a great place to start. Take it further by emailing your local paper or radio station.

Join or Start a Local Group

It’s fun and effective to take action with others!

  • There may already be an existing local group. In which case, find their contact details and get in touch.
  • If not, there are undoubtedly people in your area who might want to join a group you organise. If you would like to get something started, contact [email protected]

Run a Stall

Setting up a stall either in the street or at an event can be a brilliant way to meet new friends and other campaigners. We can help with leaflets, petitions, event costs. Contact [email protected]

Organise an Event

Whether it’s hosting a speaker, showing a film, running a workshop, organising an event can be a great way of sharing knowledge or making new allies. We can help you find a venue, book a speaker or film, or help with publicity (leaflets, posters, online). Contact [email protected]

Expose their Secrets!

The arms trade likes to operate in secret, quietly making huge profits while causing death and destruction. Start by using our online resources to find out where the arms trade is  doing business in your area. Don’t forget to ask around in your local area, and speak to people who may have worked there.

Organise a Vigil or Protest

Whether its remembering those killed by the arms trade, explaining to passers-by what’s going on in their area, or putting pressure on the arms trade to stop their evil work, a public protest can be very powerful. We can help you with publicity, put you in touch with others, share “do’s and don’ts”. Contact [email protected]

Get Creative

You could perform, die in, blockade, flash mob or create another exciting way to challenge the arms trade on your doorstep!

We can help with:

  • Props: Email [email protected] for grim reaper costumes, banners or hazard tape for your photo stunt or protest, and we’ll get some props in the post to you!
  • Media support: Write press release for your local media. Email [email protected] if you’d like advice, or help with publicising your action via social media.
  • Inviting others to take part: If you have a great idea that needs a few more people, email [email protected] and we’ll help spread the word!

Join the CAAT Speakers Network

Raise awareness about CAAT and get people campaigning by going to see them! Whether you are an experienced public speaker, or have never spoken in public before, we will provide full training and information to help you to do so! We will also occasionally contact you with requests for speakers that have come to the CAAT office. Contact [email protected] for more information.








CAAT would not exist without its supporters. Each new supporter helps us strengthen our call for an end to the international arms trade.

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