DPRTE 2020

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Last updated 17 November 2020

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, DPRTE 2020 was a “one-day online immersive event”

DPRTE Engage 2020 provides an unrivalled innovative and interactive online event platform for both the buyer and supplier defence procurement community to interact across a range of features designed to meet today’s marketplace initiatives and objectives.

Protest: In 2019, DPRTE took place behind military wire in Farnborough having been chased out of Birmingham and Cardiff by protests. Read about campaigning against DPRTE in 2019.

UK DSE presence: The UK’s arms sales unit (Defence & Security Exports – DSE, previously DSO) has a strong presence at DPRTE. In 2017 it reported “The DIT DSO exhibition stand, staffed by members of the DIT DSO Small Business Unit, Events Team and Military Export Support Team, received a constant stream of enquiries from UK companies. Many of which were considering military and security markets as an outlet for overseas trade for the first time.”

Website: www.dprte.co.uk

Exhibitor list: www.dprte.co.uk/exhibitors

Organiser: BIP Solutions


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