Last updated 26 October 2022

Babcock International is the world’s 39th largest arms-producing/military services company, with 56% of its turnover being military. (SIPRI)

In their annual report for 2020/21, Babcock states: “Defence is our largest market and at the heart of what we do. We have a crucial role in delivering critical defence services in the UK, France, Canada, Australasia and we make products for several other nations including the USA and Korea.” (p18)

Babcock’s military business involves both shipbuilding and the provision of services and infrastructure report. They are the lead company producing the UK’s new generation of five Type 31 frigates, versions of which will also be produced under a design licence from Babcock in Indonesia and Poland. They also own the Devonport and Rosyth dockyards, providing a range of support, maintenance, and engineering services. They also provide fengineering support and training, for the British Army and the Royal Air Force.

Babcock’s services for the UK military include supporting and maintaining the UK’s Vanguard class submarines, which carry Trident nuclear missiles. They are also involved in the design phase of the new Dreadnought nuclear weapons submarines, which will replace the Dreadnoughts and carry the new version of Trident. This includes designing the weapons handling and launch system. (Annual report 20/21, p51).

Internationally, Babcock also sells military equipment and provides military support services, principally naval, to Australia, Canada, France, New Zealand, Oman, South Korea, Spain, and the USA, among others. They sell weapons handling and launch systems for warships and submarines in Australia, Canada, South Korea and Spain, among others.


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