G&H (Gooch & Housego)

Last updated 11 August 2023

G&H (formerly Gooch & Housego) describes itself as a “global leader in photonics technology” (company website).
It divides its activities into four sectors: Life Sciences, Industrial, Scientific Research and Aerospace & Defense.

Within Aerospace & Defense, it lists its markets as: Imaging optics; Photonic components for directed energy; Target designation; Navigation systems; Space Photonics; Infrared Countermeasures; and Periscopes and Sighting systems.

In 2016, the company acquired two companies: Kent Periscopes , which manufactured “periscopes, vehicle sights, and related equipment for land-based armored fighting vehicles.”; and Alfalight, a US company, which was “…a designer and manufacturer of high reliability, rugged laser-based, electro-optic systems for defense and security applications”. Alfalight was added to its existing US business.


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