Herstal Group

Last updated 1 September 2022

The Herstal Group produce a range of small arms and ammunition for military and civil use, from pistols to machine guns, as well as weapons stations and mounted weapons systems for land, sea, and air, and less-lethal weapons.

Its brands include FN Herstal, Browning and Winchester Firearms.

The UK-branch of FN Herstal, FNH UK, describes itself as the only remaining UK-based manufacturer of small arms. FNH UK was formerly Manroy Engineering, which was acquired by FN Herstal in 2017. FNH UK produces machine guns, rifles, weapons mounts and turrets.

Its predecessor Manroy Engineering applied for numerous export licences to Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain Oman and Egypt, among others, in the period 2011-15.

Documents uncovered by The Sunday Telegraph (Telegraph, 10.9.2011) reveal the company promoted the sale of weaponry to Libya in the months preceding the 2011 revolution.


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