Jaguar Land Rover

Land Rover, now part of Jaguar Land Rover and a subsidiary of Tata Group, has for decades manufactured civilian and military four-wheel drive vehicles.

Military Land Rovers have been supplied to armies across the world, manufactured both in the UK and under licence by Turkish company Otokar. In 2013 Otokar reported that it produced Defender 90, 110 and 130 Military vehicles and stated that “Thanks to Defender’s adaptable and robust design features, vehicle forms very suitable platform for various conversions. Otokar manufactures special bodies on Defenders for field ambulance applications, command vehicles, troop carriers, search and rescue vehicles, field workshop vehicles or weapon platforms.” (Otokar, 14.8.2013)

The ‘Snatch 2’ Land Rover was originally procured by the UK MoD for use in Northern Ireland and has since been deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq. It became notorious in Iraq where many vehicles were destroyed by roadside bombs.


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