Otokar is a Turkish company that operates in the automotive (buses, trucks, trailers) and military vehicle sectors.

Its military vehicles include wheeled and tracked armoured vehicles, turret systems and main battle tanks. It has “delivered over 28 thousand military vehicles to nearly 50 different users in around 30 countries” and states that is it “the main land systems supplier” of Turkey’s armed forces.

Otokar has produced Land Rover vehicles under licence for many years. A 2010 Turkish Defence Ministry brochure stated that the “4×4 tactical wheeled vehicles” were “in operation with many military and security forces around the world.” The brochure listed export countries as: Albania, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Iraq, Kazakhistan, Macedonia, Nakhchivan, Nigeria, Pakistan, Romania, TRNC, Turkmenistan, Tunisia, UK, US and Uzbekistan (SSM, Turkish Defence Products Guide). It is not clear whether licensed production of Land Rover vehicles continues.


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