Last updated 11 August 2023

Primetake is a Lincoln based arms manufacturer, which is a part of Key Technologies Group. Primetake primarily manufactures munitions including 12 gauge shotgun rounds and specialist sniper munitions. In addition it manufactures a range of pyrotechnics, stun grenades, baton rounds and CS gas cannisters.

As their website states: Primetake are “Committed to providing our customers with the highest quality Precision Ammunition, Pyrotechnics, 12 Gauge, Birdscaring solutions and bespoke product developments” (Primetake Website). According to The Guardian, Primetake exhibited rubber ball shot, tear gas cartridges and rubber baton rounds at the Middle East’s largest arms fair in 2011 (Guardian, 21.2.2011).

There is evidence that shotgun rounds manufactured by Primetake were used by Saudi security forces in a June 2016 raid which killed a Shia dissident, Abdul-Rahim al-Faraj. The dead man’s wounds were ‘consistent’ with the 12-gauge ammunition found at the scene. (Middle East Eye, July 2016). The UK government refused to investigate. (Middle East Eye, October 2016)


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