PW Defence

Last updated 9 June 2021

PW Defence is located in Derbyshire and is owned by PWD Group. The company was part of Chemring, specifically Chemring Defence UK, until June 2019.

PW Defence says it is “one of the leading pyrotechnic Defence manufacturers in the world” and that their “extensive product range covers illumination, signalling, search and rescue, screening, training, security and high energy products.”

“Security” products include:

  • CS cartridges
  • Baton rounds
  • CS hand grenades
  • and armoured vehicle launched CS grenades

In July 2015, Chemring obtained a licence for the unlimited export of equipment including “CS hand grenades”, “tear gas/irritant ammunition” and “tear gas/riot control agents” to the US. It is highly likely that Chemring obtained a follow-on licence in June 2018 and that this licence was then held by PW Defence.

Update: PW Defence was acquired by Wescom Group in February 2021.


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