Last updated 15 June 2022

QinetiQ is the UK’s 8th largest arms and military services company. It states that it is “a leading science and engineering company operating primarily in the defence, security and critical infrastructure markets.”

Much of the company’s work involves research, testing & evaluation, and training. It also manufactures military products including unmanned systems, promoting itself as “leading in the application of autonomous and robotic systems for defence and security.

Another substantial focus is that of combat aircraft. Its annual report lists:

  • “supported the RAF to transfer and enhance weapons capabilities across to Typhoon”
  • “we have provided the environment to test the F-35s weapons systems”
  • an essential role in Tempest, “the Future Combat Air System, a stealth fighter that will replace current aircraft in 15-20 years”.


QinetiQ has a joint venture – QDM – with Saudi company Dar Massader to “provide a unique defence and security capability in the Saudi market.

At the DSEI arms fair in 2019, QDM and Saudi Arabian Military Industries (SAMI) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate to develop Saudi arms testing and evaluation capabilities.


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