“Roxel designs, develops, manufactures and markets solid propulsion systems and related equipments for all types of rockets and tactical and cruise missiles for air, sea and ground forces” (company website).

Missiles using Roxel motors include MBDA‘s Brimstone ground attack weapon (company website). The Roxel rocket motors are integrated into the Brimstone 2 version (Jane’s, 26.7.2016) which was declared operational in July 2016.

Brimstone missiles have been used by the RAF in Iraq and Syria but it is not clear whether or not Brimstone 2 missiles have been used there yet. Brimstone missiles have also been used by the Royal Saudi Air Force in Yemen, however, these will not have been the Brimstone 2.

Roxel’s website states that it has provided boosters for Storm Shadow cruise missiles (company website). Storm Shadows have been used by the Royal Saudi Air Force in Yemen (see MBDA).


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