Schleifring manufactures slip rings, a component for transmitting power and electrical signals, used in many military systems.

The company says its products are used in armoured vehicles, drones, electrical-optical systems, weapons stations, howitzers/missile launchers and naval equipment.

Arming Israel

Among the systems for which it provides components it lists:

Schleifring applied for UK military export licences to Israel in all three years for which CAAT has data (2010-12).

In 2010 it applied for 22 export licences. Six of these were for equipment rated ML10c (Unmanned aircraft and related equipment and specially designed components); 14 were for equipment rated ML5c (Counter measure equipment for weapon sights, bombing computers, gun laying equipment and weapon control systems; or for target acquisition, designation, range-finding, surveillance or tracking systems; detection,data fusion, recognition or identification equipment; and sensor integration equipment)


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