UK Government Gives Go-Ahead to Arms Sales to Pakistan

Rachel Harford of Campaign Against Arms Trade said: Once again when it comes to arms sales, this government is intent on continuing to approve licences to military regimes and regions of high tension.

It is insulting for the government to persist in keeping us all second-guessing as to whether or not arms sales will be granted to controversial destinations which have included Indonesia, Zimbabwe and Pakistan. Too often, we are only given the whole picture when a government department is at odds with another. It is essential that, at the very least in the case of arms sales to regimes like that in Pakistan, there must be full parliamentary scrutiny prior to the signing of licences. Only this would provide proper transparency and accountability in the government’s actions with respect to the arms trade.

Farnborough military air show will take place from 24th – 30th July 2000. An official delegation from Pakistan has been invited to attend the show (Observer, 11.06.00).

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