CAAT condemns Government’s marketing of arms to India

Rachel Harford of Campaign Against Arms Trade said: It is shocking to learn that the Government is targeting India as a defence export market – describing it as one of the UK’s best-kept secrets. It is also appalling that at a time when India is under embargo by the US, the UK is not only failing to implement an embargo but is actually seeking to sell more weapons.

She added: The international community is on constant red alert as the border dispute between India and Pakistan over Kashmir constantly threatens to erupt into full scale war. The UK government maintains that it is deeply concerned about the situation. Such sentiments are hypocritical. When will this Government start to match its rhetoric with actions and when will it wake up to the fact that by allowing UK companies to arm the countries involved in hot spots like Kashmir, it is guilty of fuelling the very conflicts and repression it condemns. Opportunity India serves to further expose the real relationship between this government and arms companies and the shocking influence that arms companies wield over this government.


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