Newcastle Tank factory lobbied by anti-war campaigners

Members of Newcastle Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) and anti-war protesters will be staging a mass die in at the entrance to the Vickers factory on Scotswood Road, Newcastle, today at 3.45pm.

The demonstration has been called because the government is sending 50 Vickers tank engineers to Kuwait on Thursday to make the final preparations to Britain’s Challenger tanks for an invasion of Iraq.

The demonstrators will be wearing white faceless masks and will be splattered in artificial blood as they lie in the entrance to the factory. The protesters will be leafleting workers and calling on the employees who are being sent out to the Gulf to let everyone there know the strength of anti-war sentiment in this country.

A spokesperson for the protesters said:

These war preparations expose the lie of Tony Blair’s claim that he is pushing for peace. This clearly is not a push for peace. It is a rush for war. We call on the Vickers workers to become Ambassadors for Peace not Engineers of War.


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