CAAT campaign co-ordinators arrested at London arms exhibition

Two campaign co-ordinators at CAAT were held in custody today. They are prsently at Belgravia Police Station after spraying fake blood outside an arms export symposium at the QEII centre in Westminster.

Police arrested the pair shortly after 9.15am, as Geoff Hoon arrived to spend a day at the Defence Export Services Organisation’s annual symposium, attended by defence ministers and military from all over the world.

A CAAT spokesperson said: It seems absurd that while the country is on the verge of war, our defence secretary is spending his time promoting arms sales to overseas buyers. It would be more to the point if we spent more time exporting diplomacy and peace.

For further information, contact the CAAT office on 020 7281 0297.

For photos of the arrest, please contact Joanna Lamprell on the number above.


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