An uninvited guest at the arms dealers banquet

Last week, we were there to challenge arms dealers gathered in London for a £246/head ‘networking’ dinner, where they were wining and dining 40 MPs and 60 senior civil servants, with the BBC’s Jeremy Vine to entertain them with an after dinner speech.

After making their way past protesters at the door, the guests probably thought they could sit down and get on with the business of keeping military spending high and public subsidies for arms companies flowing. But there were a few surprises when the first speaker took the stage.

Watch the video and read the story of how Anne-Marie confronted the arms dealers about the world her child will be born into in 4 months’ time.

Arms dealers need luxury dinners to buy the loyalty of MPs and civils servants. But ordinary people know that the world needs better priorities and we can get together to plot and scheme for them too!

Their gathering fuelled profit from conflict but we have a brighter vision

Our gathering on Saturday 21st March in London is a chance for us to build our power to assert human needs over arms company profits.

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  • Take part in workshops on challenging London’s arms fair, pushing the arms trade out of public life, arming all sides in World War 1 and more.
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