Biden’s bomb sales to Israel can only make a terrible situation worse

  • The Biden administration has approved the sale of $735 million worth of arms to Israel
  • Attempts underway in congress to stop the deal
  • UK has licensed over £400 million worth of arms to Israel since 2015

The sale of $735 million worth of arms to Israel undermines calls for a ceasefire in the ongoing bombing of Gaza and can only make a terrible situation worse, according to Campaign Against Arms Trade. The sale reportedly includes licences for bombs and other munitions.

A group of US Reps, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have issued a resolution to stop the deal, which was agreed prior to the current bombing campaign. The US is by far the largest provider of arms sales to Israel.

The UK government is also one of many that arms and supports the Israeli military, with at least £400 million worth of UK arms having been licensed since 2015, including components for fighter jets, military vehicles, ammunition and other military equipment.

Andrew Smith of Campaign Against Arms Trade said:

If this sale goes ahead it can only make a terrible situation worse. The ongoing bombardment has killed hundreds of people and exacerbated the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. 

This sale will not just provide military support for Israeli forces, it will also be regarded as a clear sign of political support for this assault and the repression that Palestinians are living under. It totally undermines all calls for a ceasefire and will further strengthen the occupation and blockade which have punished Palestinians for years. 

The Biden administration and other arms dealing governments have the power to play a significant role in pushing for peace, but that can’t happen through the sale of even more weapons.”

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