CAAT condemns resumption of Israeli bombing of Gaza and calls for a two way arms embargo

  • Campaign Against Arms Trade condemns the resumption of Israel’s brutal bombardment of the occupied Gaza Strip, and calls on the UK government to implement an immediate two-way arms embargo on Israel.


  • Israel has committed unlawful attacks including violations of international humanitarian law, war crimes, and genocide at an unprecedented scale in retaliation for Hamas’ horrific attack against Israeli civilians on 7th October.


  • Despite these unlawful attacks the UK government has continued to issue licences for arms and arms components covering aircrafts, helicopters, drones, missiles, military technology, armoured vehicles, tanks, ammunition, and small arms.

It’s reported that more than 14,000 Palestinians have been killed, thousands more have been injured, 80% of people in Gaza have been displaced, and 45% of homes have been destroyed or damaged. The humanitarian situation is catastrophic, and the levels of suffering faced by people in Gaza, particularly children, is beyond description.

Since 2015, the UK has licenced over £474m worth of arms to Israeli forces. This includes licences covering components for aircraft, helicopters, drones, bombs, missiles, military technology, armoured vehicles, tanks, ammunition, and small arms. The UK industry provides 15% of the components for the F35 stealth combat aircraft that is currently being used to bomb Gaza. The contract for the components is estimated by Campaign Against Arms Trade to be worth £336m since 2016.

The rear fuselage and “active interceptor system” of every F-35 fighter jet are made by BAE Systems. Many other British companies are also involved in the F-35 programme. Examples include Martin-Baker, who make the ejector seats, Dunlop Aircraft Tyres, who make the aircraft tyres, and Cobham Mission Systems, who make the refuelling probe. Leonardo – an Italian multinational company with eight main sites across the UK – makes the laser targeting system for the F-35.

For more information, read CAAT’s fact sheet on UK arms to Israel.

Katie Fallon, Advocacy Manager at Campaign Against Arms Trade said:

The horror being inflicted on Gaza and on the Palestinian people by Israeli forces is an unprecedented escalation in violence. Collective punishment, a complete blockade, genocide; these crimes are are being committed with impunity by Israel. The continued licensing and export of UK arms and components to Israel not only makes the UK government complicit in the most serious of human rights violations, but signals political support for perpetual occupation and war. We call on the government to immediately implement a two way arms embargo, and do everything in their power to support a political solution to the conflict, and a peaceful and just future for Palestine and Israel.

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