Five people lie in the road in front of a gate connected by arm tubes

Faith activists blockade nuclear weapons factory

Five people lie in the road in front of a gate connected by arm tubes

Activists blockade the construction gate at the Burghfield nuclear weapons factory. Photo by Trident Ploughshares

This morning members of Put Down the Sword, London Catholic Worker and six Quakers blocked the three entrances to the nuclear weapons factory AWE Burghfield using super glue and arm tubes. The 14 activists were aged between 20 and 80 and were joined by people from local Buddhist, Muslim, Christian and Sikh groups.

Today’s ‘No Faith In Trident’ day is part of a month of action at nuclear weapons factory Burghfield AWE in the run up to the government’s final decision on the replacement of the Trident nuclear weapons system later this year.

Five people lie in the road connected by arm tubes with two police officers behind them

Photo by Trident Ploughshares

The month of action started with a rolling blockade
with different groups taking action each day, including a women’s day of action and a day of international action.

One person who took part in this morning’s action  said “I cannot walk by as this government wastes billions of pounds on weapons of mass destruction, capable of killing millions of people. Feeling truly secure comes in our day-to-day lives, knowing we have access to healthcare and housing when we need it, not in the production of nuclear bombs”.

The groups involved in this morning’s action also took part in the No Faith in War day of action at the DSEI arms fair in September last year. The set-up of the arms fair was disrupted throughout the day with both access roads blockaded by a meeting for worship; a funeral service for the victims of the arms fair, and a Litany of Resistance.

A group of people kneel behind a white coffin with red paint splashed across the road

London Catholic Workers hold a funeral for the victims of the arms trade outside the Excel Centre in September last year

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Several lorries line the road outside the Excel Centre

Lorries carrying equipment for the DSEI arms fair line are stopped from entering the Excel Centre by No Faith in War activists blockading the access road

A longer version of this article was written by London Catholic Workers.

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