Image of spray painted heart that says love for Grenfell inside it

Grenfell; 2 years on

Image of spray painted heart that says love for Grenfell inside it

On the second year anniversary of the fire, and murder of at least 72 people in Grenfell Tower, it is crucial to remember the lives that were taken, whilst also reminding ourselves for the need to organise and take action in the fight for justice.

We must mourn and remember, but also organise – united and collectively. The same story is being repeated, whether it be in our local, national or international communities. Profits are put ahead of people. Arconic, the company that supplied the combustible panels for Grenfell Tower is invested in an industry of death that is also international. It has supplied many parts for F-35s, working in collaboration with arms companies like the world’s largest arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin.

Arconic boasts about its contribution to the ‘defence’ sector; claiming they are “protecting the protectors”; when we know they only protect their pockets.

The failure for those responsible to be charged or held to account two years after this corporate manslaughter is heart-breaking but unsurprising; especially considering the interest of corporations being represented in government. Like with the political influence of arms companies and individuals acting as revolvers in political and corporate spaces, (representing the same interests under different titles) – the same can be said for Grenfell. An example is Mark Allen (the director of Celotex, the company responsible of the cladding) who was a special advisor to Sajid Javid on building regulations.

Whilst the government can continue to provide financial support to/and host arms fairs, and pay for the ‘protection’ and ‘security’ of these fairs; thousands across the country are still living, working and learning in firetraps – buildings with the same cladding that was on Grenfell tower. Little has been done by the authorities and the government to make sure Grenfell never happens again or/and to hold those responsible accountable.

The structures and systems in place that caused Grenfell, and that underpin the arms industry are the same; and they can and will only be defeated collectively.

Please join the silent walk tonight; to remember, mourn and never forget – but to also organise and fight for and demand justice. #Foreverinourhearts #Grenfell

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