delegates inside arms fair drinking wine next to weapons

Inside DSEI

Last week, despite the ‘five security checks’ and the ‘defensive ring’ to keep unwanted guests out, anti-war activist Martin Powell managed to infiltrate the DSEI arms fair and live tweeted photos from inside.

Martin is also a performance poet and wrote this poem about his experience inside the arms fair:

With open arms we welcome swarms
For whom mass-murder is the norm

Inside this eye of global storms
Daunting weapons, haunting calm

Shielded here from all those dead
These companies can break their bread

And steal our peace as we’re mislead
To grease the wheels of war instead

A deal sealed, a glass of red
As crimson as the blood they shed

“Chin chin, we win, so some must lose!
– Who lives and dies, for us to choose!
We’ve got the guns, you run the news
– Between us war can go down smooth…”

To get these murderers in the mood
There’s even onsite massage booths…

We rub the Belly of the Beast
But snub those washed-up on the beach

We make demands and preach free speech
But hide the hands these tyrants reach

It’s time to end the Paveway IV’s
And pave the way for peace

delegates inside arms fair drinking wine next to weapons

arms seller showing peace sign in front of stall with bullets

soldiers getting a massage during arms fair

The week of action saw daily blockades and creative protest by a wide range of groups to challenge the DSEI arms fair.

Read reports on actions below:


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