Protest at BAE Systems AGM

Just came back from the CAAT protest at the BAE Systems AGM. It was a great success. Before the start of the AGM we gathered in front of the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in Westminster.

Some protesters had prepared a stunt: One of us dressed up as a judge. Two others were dressed up as Tony Blair and as BAE Systems CEO Mike Turner. They grabbed the judge and gagged him.

Two people dressed up as Tony Blair and as BAE Systems CEO Mike Turner gag somone else dressed up as a judge. Behind a small group of protesters hold placards with the message 'Control BAE'.

The stunt was very popular with the media. There were loads of photographers taking pictures. Our stunt was also really popular with the tourists on their way to Big Ben.

Two people dressed up as Tony Blair and as BAE Systems CEO Mike Turner and somone else dressed up as a judge pose while a group of around 6 photographers take pictures.

People from West Papua had come along and protested as well. One of them told us that his village was destroyed by bombs from a hawk jet when he was a child. He showed us the wound on his leg where he had been hit. BAE Systems produces hawk jets.

Two people from West Papua wear traditional head gear and play traditional songs.

The West Papuans wore traditional head gear and played their songs. We all loved their music.

While we were protesting outside, wearing judges wigs and handing out postcards to passers-by some of us were inside the AGM asking awkward questions about bribery and corruption. At the end of the questions CAAT campaigners inside the AGM got out their judges wigs as well and put them on.

It was a great protest and I am looking forward to the huge media coverage about it tomorrow.

If you want to donate a tenner to help re-open the investigation of BAE Systems by the Serious Fraud Office my on-line pledge is still open for signatures.

More pics from the protest on Flickr.

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