Spirit of Christmas Fair media stunt

Spirit of Christmas Fair

Spirit of Christmas Fair

A group of 8 CAAT staff members and volunteers took part in a media stunt outside the Spirit of Christmas Fair run by Clarion Events on Wednesday November 5th. Steve Tully utilised his bushy beard to play a very convincing Santa, accompanied by three mischievous elves (Anne-Marie O’Reilly, Ian Pocock and Sam Walton) who just loved playing with the missiles on hand as props!

After a photo opportunity attended by the Hammersmith Gazette, we headed down to the fair at Kensington Olympia to hand out some leaflets (brilliantly designed by Ian Mackinnon). The security guards at the Olympia tried to keep us corralled in a pen out of the way of the fair’s visitors but once again the elves’ mischievous spirit came to the fore and they broke free from their confines to hand out leaflets to members of the public, most of whom took one and same engaged us in conversation about Clarion’s links with the DSEI arms fair.

All in all, it was a productive and fun day. Also in attendance were Rhiannon Rees, Ceri Own, CAAT staff Symon Hill and Selina Larsen. Big thanks has to go to Sam for making the elves costumes and acquiring the santa costume.

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