Three children next to a UN-style white tent. They are smiling and brightly clothed.

Syria Film: “Arms Sales to Dictators, Displacement, and Militarised Borders” – London CAAT / Rainbow Collective

Discover the impact of UK chemical sales to Syria in the run up to the war, and what happened to those fleeing the conflict when they reached the borders of neighbouring countries.

London CAAT in partnership with filmmakers Rainbow Collective have created a new film which looks at UK involvement in the Syria War. The short film (8 mins 30s) examines the supply by the UK of chemical components before the war, but also the impact of militarised borders on those fleeing the conflict.

You can now watch the film “Arms Sales to Dictators, Displacement and Militarised Borders” online here:

You can also watch the panel discussion from launch event, hosted by London CAAT which features Les Levidow (Peace in Kurdistan) and Matt Broomfield (Kurdish Solidarity Network). The discussion is chaired by London CAAT’s Sam Forrest-Sufrin, who scripted and voiced the film.




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