UCL students graduate from the university of war

five people standing on stairs with white banner in background 'ditch the arms shares'

At the end of last term the Disarm UCL campaign put on a fake graduation ceremony to protest against UCL’s investment in arms shares. One student dressed as a military general handed out fake diplomas and toy guns to other students graduating in camouflage uniforms.

The action definitely turned a few heads including the one of the UCL Provost who happend to pass by. It was a fun action to put on and we got quite a bit of news coverage including the Times Higher, the Independent, the Evening Standard, the Guardian Comment is free website and the New Statesman website.

multiple people on stairs with white banner reads 'ditch the arms shares'

Unfortunately the UCL Council, which met a week later did not have the courage to decide to ditch the arms shares once and for all. However they read the proposal for an ethical investment policy for UCL brought forward by the Disarm UCL campaign and appreciated that it was a serious proposal.

After all the intense campaigning we went to the Student Union bar for Birthday drinks: The Disarm UCL campaign was one year old in December 🙂 Our new years resolution for 2008: Get UCL to ditch the arms shares – once and for all!

multiple people on stairs with military outfits and white banner reads 'ditch the arms shares'

At the CAAT National Gathering in November students from all over the UK had a spontaneous fringe meeting to discuss arms investments at their university and thought about ways to campaign together and share resources.

If you’re a concerned student or alumnus and would like to join our informal UK network, get in touch: info(AT)disarmucl.com

2008 will be a great year to campaign for ethical investment! Join us!

CAAT would not exist without its supporters. Each new supporter helps us strengthen our call for an end to the international arms trade.

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