CAAT News Issue 255

CAAT News January - March 2020

  • After the Election: CAAT’s work continues with the new Parliament
  • Arms companies in the dock: CAAT and allied groups seek ICC war crimes investigation into companies suppplying Yemen war
  • Five years of war in Yemen: Protests around world for 5-year anniversary of war that has killed over 100,000
  • Resistance across the UK: Local activists challenge the arms trade in Brighton, Edinburgh, London, and Malvern
  • Borders and the arms trade: How the arms industry supports the oppressive borders regime in the UK and Europe
  • Mercenaries: New book reveals UK mercenaries’ role in war crimes around the world
  • Arms dealers feast while Yemen starves: Lively CAAT protest targets arms industry’s annual dinner
  • CAAT and Prevent: CAAT among social justice groups listed in police counter-terrorism document

CAAT would not exist without its supporters. Each new supporter helps us strengthen our call for an end to the international arms trade.

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