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Thales is one of the world’s largest arms companies. It is headquartered in Paris, with substantial operations in other countries including the UK

Thales produces a vast array of equipment, from radars, sonars and electronic surveillance satellites, to tactical communication systems and combat management systems, to drones (including for the UK MoD in a joint-venture with Israeli arms company Elbit)
and helicopter avionics, to armoured vehicles, mortar systems and missiles.

Its numerous markets include repressive regimes such as Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan and UAE.

Thales Bushmaster armoured vehicle outside DSEI 2015

Image: A Thales Bushmaster armoured vehicle trying to get into DSEI 2015. Bushmaster variants include: “Troop Carrier • Command & Control • Ambulance • Route Clearance • Heavy Weapons • Mortar Carrier • Air Defence • Maintenance” (Thales brochure). Bushmasters have been sold to Australia, Indonesia (for Kopassus, the Indonesian Special Forces), Jamaica, Japan and the Netherlands. They have seen operational deployment in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Image source: Chris Howson @AjustChurch


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