CAAT banner on the ground outside a protest against arms trade sponsorship of the Design Museum in London

Museums and Galleries

How museums, galleries and historical buildings are "used" by the arms trade.

Last updated 29 September 2020

Arms Trade Out of our public institutions

Companies are sponsoring events and hiring the rooms of our museums, galleries, and historical buildings – even Cathedrals. 

They don’t do this to be nice, they do it because it’s good for business to invite clients to grand locations. These venues offer something even more valuable. Arms companies are buying the impression that they run a respectable business.

By agreeing to these deals, our public institutions are supporting the arms trade. We’re asking them to reconsider. And we’re winning.

Arms Trade Out wins

Tell New Scientist to drop lethal sponsorship

Add your name to the petition calling for New Scientist Live events to drop arms companies.

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