Image of seven people, three in front four in back, in front of a court building, holding placards mostly saying "Not Guilty", one also saying "#StopDSEI", another saying "The arms trade is global, so is our resistance, #StopDSEI". Woman at front on left wearing a Palestinian scarf, raising clenched fist and cheering. Court building behind them.


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Press releases

CAAT Condemns Shares Held by MPs’ Pension Fund in Arms Company

In 1999, Royal Ordnance (subsidiary of BAE) was granted a licence for exporting 105mm light-gun upgrades to Morocco who are embroiled in a long-term conflict with the Saharawi (against whom light-guns have previously been deployed). In 1994, Robin Cook said Hawks had been observed on bombing runs in East Timor in most

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CAAT Welcomes Jack Straw to the Foreign Office

In Jack Straw’s first full day at the Foreign Office, Campaign Against Arms Trade are calling for him to consider several core measures to be included in the draft Export Control and Non-proliferation Bill. CAAT are also urging him – now the election is safely over – to release the delayed foreign office report

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Stop the Arms Trade Week

As part of CAAT’s Stop the Arms Trade Week, CAAT’s Christian Network will be holding a vigil with a short liturgy on Sunday 17th June at 3pm, outside the Department of Trade and Industry building at 1 Victoria Street, Westminster. Chris Cole of the Christian Network said: The DTI is one of

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Stop the Arms Trade Week: 9th – 17th June 2001

This year, CAAT’s Stop the Arms Trade Week focuses on the trade in small arms. Stop Week will highlight the effect of arms trading upon children. In addition, with the UN Conference on Small Arms imminent (July 9th-20th), Stop Week is an opportunity to highlight wider concerns of the effects of the

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Arms Exports to Israel

CAAT are concerned that – in the current bout of electioneering – little attention has been paid to the UK’s role in arming the Israeli Defence Force (IDF). CAAT are calling on the government to urgently make clear the UK’s position with regards to this sensitive issue. When asked why Military List Open Licences

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CAAT Challenges BAE Systems on Day of AGM

Date: Thursday 3rd May, 10am onwards Venue: QE II Conference Centre, Westminster Activities: 9.00 a.m. – meeting outside QEII conference hall, 9.30 a.m. – shareholder questions and challenges, afterwards – peace vigil, answering press enquiries, peaceful direct action. CAAT supporters will be travelling to London to protest at

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CAAT Conducts its own Protest at the Globalisation of the Arms Trade

Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) were up bright and early to conduct their own peaceful protests against the world’s arms trade. Their pre-dawn activities consisted of the following: 2.30 a.m.: Despite media assumptions that CAAT would arrive in Pall Mall at 8.30 a.m., CAAT activists leave leaflets at BAE Systems’

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“Celebrate South Africa” Festival Sponsored by UK Arms Companies

Celebrate South Africa – a festival designed to celebrate the multifaceted, multi-lingual, multi-cultural new South Africa – is being part-supported by British arms suppliers BAE Systems and Rolls-Royce. CAAT’s Press Officer Richard Bingley said: Although there is much to be applauded by the democratic and human right achievements gained in South Africa

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