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Press releases

UK-Saudi arms deal “could breach UK arms control rules”

UK Government ignoring regulations on regional stability, human rights and military spending Campaigners believe that a multi-billion pound deal to supply Saudi Arabia with Typhoon fighter jets, announced today by the UK Ministry of Defence and BAE Systems, could breach the UKs own arms trade rules. These are supposed to prohibit arms sales which

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Removing anti-sleaze rules will open door to corporate abuses, say 5 charities

Five UK NGOs have expressed fears about proposals quietly announced yesterday [20 December] to remove long-standing anti-sleaze rules, and to abolish the Government’s anti-sleaze watchdog, the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments. In a highly critical statement the organisations argue that the proposals will make it easier for influential business sectors like the arms and

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University ditches shares after CAAT’s arms investment disclosures

London’s School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) has announced that it is to sell all of its investments in arms companies as a direct result of public disclosures by the Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT), and pressure from staff and lecturers. On Tuesday morning (8th Nov) SOAS’ Director of Finance and

Press releases

Blair’s secret talks for £40bn Saudi arms deal revealed; research shows wider web of arms companies’ political influence

An extensive network of political influence wielded by arms companies over New Labour policy-making is highlighted by new revelations that Tony Blair has held secret talks with Saudi Arabia in pursuit of a £40bn arms deal, against dissent from the Foreign Office and the Serious Fraud Office. Recent research by the Campaign Against Arms Trade

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