Annual Report: UK Arms Exports in 2022

An analysis of information, policy developments, and cases of concern relating to UK arms exports in 2022…

CAAT’s Annual Report draws together information and data on UK arms exports from a variety of sources to present an overall picture of the UK arms trade in 2022, and trends over the past 10 years. Given the lack of transparency in the global arms trade, where each source provides only partial information, this approach allows for a much more comprehensive picture. The report also discusses key Parliamentary and policy developments in arms exports in 2022, and looks in more depth at several key destinations for UK arms in 2022 that CAAT considers particularly problematic, or which raise particular issues of concern. Policy recommendations are presented in relation to these countries, as well as on general issues regarding arms export controls, scrutiny, and transparency.

Watch the launch event (edited, turn on CC for subtitles), which features a presentation of the key findings from Dr. Samuel Perlo-Freeman, CAAT’s Research Coordinator and the report author, and a panel discussion with Rhona Michie, Shadow World Investigations and Josh Cooper, ALQST for Human Rights which campaigns for rights and democracy in Saudi Arabia (moderator: CAAT’s Advocacy Manager, Katie Fallon). The recording also features Q&A with the live audience both in-person and online.




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