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Eight years of war

A briefing for supporters in the run-up to CAAT's Judicial Review hearing against arms sales to Saudi Arabia

Front cover with title "Seven years of war", text, and image of an explosion over a city

Seven Years of War

A briefing for supporters and MPs for CAAT's lobby of Parliament for Yemen on 10th March 2022

Report cover, title "Open? The UK's secret arms sales". CAAT logo at the bottom

Open? The UK’s secret arms sales

The UK's secretive open licence system obscures the true level of the UK arms trade, and eases arms sales to repressive regimes and countries in conflict.

navy page with white text reads 'Made in Scotland" with CAAT Scotland logo in top right hand corner

Made in Scotland

Made in Scotland: The deadly relationship fuelling the crisis in Yemen is the first in a research series uncovering the insidious role that Scotland plays within the UK's arms trade.

People Not War

When we say People Not War, we mean people over profit, over hyper-capitalist pursuits and gains that oppress and kill. We mean prioritise our lives over looting the earth and its resources, exploiting workers, the marginalised, those living in Global South countries.

Report cover, CAAT logo in top right, title "Fighting the Wrong Battles" subtitle "How obsession with military power diverts resources from the climate crisis", Author "Sam Perlo-Freeman", date "February 2020"

Fighting the Wrong Battles

A move from militarism and the arms trade towards tackling climate change would create more jobs and increase human security

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