CAAT’s reply to the Information Commissioner, Jan 2005

CAAT's response to the failures of the Information Commissioner's investigation

CAAT responds to the failures of the Information Commissioner’s (IC) investigation:

  • The IC did not consider that information was passed on to BAE Systems (then British Aerospace) and so was covered by the 1994 Data Protection Act.
  • The IC did not name Martin Hogbin.
  • The IC did not provide the name or address of the company that received the information.
  • The IC did not quote the address to which the emails were sent. CAAT needed this to be made public in order to warn other campaigning groups.
  • The IC appeared to make no effort to contact Evelyn Le Chene’s co-directors, Barrie Gane and Robert Hodge.
  • The IC needed to explain how he concluded that personal data was not forwarded, because the evidence showed it was.

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