Gaza and UK Arms Sales to Israel – Fact Sheet v.2.0 Dec 2023

UK products and manufacturing sites for military products sold to Israel (2pp)…

Israel is using UK arms exports in a genocide against the Palestinian people. The UK government is complicit in these crimes not just by supplying these weapons for decades, but by repeatedly inciting Israel to commit war crimes against Palestinian civilians with impunity.

This updated fact sheet gives an overview of UK arms exports to Israel including products and manufacturing locations, based on CAAT’s latest research.

See also: CAAT’s recent statement UK arms to Israel, an overview of the exports via CAAT’s data browser, and CAAT’s Israel country page.

Plus: CAAT, Palestine Solidarity Campaign and War on Want have also created a joint background briefing.

New: via Workers in Palestine, supported by CAAT: In November 2023 the UK Department for Business and Trade released a list of the 79 companies currently registered on a UK government open licence for exports in support of the F-35 programme. For an annotated version of that list, including what each company makes and where it is based (organised by region), click here or view the interactive map.


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