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MAPPED: All the UK companies manufacturing components for Israel’s F35 combat aircraft

Say no to the genocide profiteers on YOUR doorstep!

Last updated 2 February 2024

Welcome to CAAT’s interactive map of UK companies involved in manufacturing components for the F35 combat aircraft.

15% of every F35 that Israel is using to bombard Gaza is made by British industry. CAAT estimates the value of the components UK industry supplies for Israeli F35s to be worth at least £336m since 2016.

Search for your area, find your local arms dealer, and say NO to companies profiting from genocide on YOUR doorstep! 

For more information on UK arms supplies to Israel, the Israeli arms industry, and Israel’s ongoing occupation and repression of the Palestinians, see our main Israel country page.

Explore details of other export licences (apart from the F-35 components) issued by the current government for arms sales to Israel, since 2015, from our UK export licences browser.*

Find more information about some of the companies listed on the map on our Companies Browser.

*The UK-made components for the F-35, as shown by the map on this page, are mostly not included in the export licences reported in the export licences browser. Exports of UK equipment for the F-35, whether to the US which makes the complete planes, or to other partner or customer countries (including Israel), are covered by an Open General Export Licence (OGEL), which allows companies registered for the licence to export unlimited quantities of equipment to the relevant countries, so long as it is for the F-35, without need for individual licences. The map displays all companies in the UK that are registered for this OGEL.

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