Call on your MP to Stop Arming Israel

Last updated 3 November 2023

Stop Arming Israel – Email your MP

Call on your MP to support a two-way arms embargo between the UK and Israel, and to support a ceasefire of Israel’s bombardment of Gaza.

Israel is using UK arms exports in a genocide against the Palestinian people. The UK is complicit in these crimes not just by supplying these weapons for decades, but by offering unqualified support for Israel’s retaliation against the Palestinian people for Hamas’ horrific killings and abductions of Israeli civilians.

The humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza is one of immeasurable horror. More than 9,000 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli bombardments and ground offensive, 40% of whom were children. According to Save the Children, the number of children killed in just three weeks in Gaza is more than the number killed in armed conflict globally—across more than 20 countries—over the course of a whole year, for the last three years.

Email your MP now to demand they take action. 

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