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Press releases

“Dirty Dozen” local authorities hold huge investments in arms company

LONDON: Campaign Against Arms Trade is publishing its annual survey of organisations with investments in arms companies, today Wednesday 30 March 2005 [1]. CAAT surveyed 99 local authority pension funds in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland as part of its Clean Investment Campaign 2005. Twelve local authority pension funds, dubbed The Dirty Dozen,

Press releases

New Parliamentary Arms Export Report: Concern at cuts in Government Department licensing arms Exports

LONDON: Campaign Against Arms Trade has welcomed the new report (published on 24 March) by the committee of MP’s which scrutinise arms exports[1]. The Committees on Strategic Export Controls (‘The Quadripartite Committee’)[2] expresses concern at planned cuts to the Export Control Organisation, the civil service organisation which licenses arms exports[3]. CAAT is instead suggesting

Press releases

UK arms companies market into Indonesian war zones

Today, Wednesday 24th November, Indonesia hosts its first ever arms fair in Jakarta, with over 250 companies attending [1] including UK based Rolls-Royce [2] and a subsidiary of BAE Systems, Atlas Elektronik [3]. Arms from UK based companies have been used against civilians and insurgents in the conflicts of West Papua and Aceh. Campaigners

Press releases

New poll shows Government out of step with public on arms exports

An opinion poll for Campaign Against Arms Trade, published today Monday 22 November 2004, shows majority support for a ban on arms exports. Of those questioned 44% said we should not sell military equipment to other countries, while 35% disagreed[1]. Currently the Government allows arms to be exported to many other countries, including countries

Press releases

UK issues Arms Export Licences for Iraq and Libya

Today, Thursday 28 October 2004, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office published its Strategic Export Controls Quaterly Report for April – June 2004. The report shows licences have been issued for substantial shipments of small arms to Iraq (including 21,428 semi-automatic pistols) and other military equipment to Libya.[1] Both countries’ embargoes were lifted recently after

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