Image of seven people, three in front four in back, in front of a court building, holding placards mostly saying "Not Guilty", one also saying "#StopDSEI", another saying "The arms trade is global, so is our resistance, #StopDSEI". Woman at front on left wearing a Palestinian scarf, raising clenched fist and cheering. Court building behind them.


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Press releases

“Celebrate South Africa” Festival Sponsored by UK Arms Companies

Celebrate South Africa – a festival designed to celebrate the multifaceted, multi-lingual, multi-cultural new South Africa – is being part-supported by British arms suppliers BAE Systems and Rolls-Royce. CAAT’s Press Officer Richard Bingley said: Although there is much to be applauded by the democratic and human right achievements gained in South Africa

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CAAT Activists Protest at Arms Trade Conference

CAAT activists today target an arms trade conference in the heart of London operated by Smi Conferences. Smi brings together high level government and military attendees including Procurement Directors, Program managers and International Business Development Directors. Martin Hogbin said SMI profits from the global arms market by arranging and hosting military symposia

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CAAT Reveals Investments by Labour Party, Leukeamia Research Fund and Leading Public Health, Church and Educational Institutions in Arms Export Trade

Campaign Against Arms Trade today revealed investments by leading UK public institutions including: The British Medical Association Staff Pension Fund The United Reform Church Royal Opera House Benevolent Fund RSPCA NHS Trusts Hospices and hospitals (including St. Bartholomew’s Hospital) Scottish National Trust local authorities across London and the UK Northern Ireland Health and

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Labour’s hypocrisy over Small Arms

Foreign secretary Robin Cook and International development minister Chris Mullin today opened a seminar on Small Arms in London. In light of their statements supporting small arms control it should be noted that 970 Single individual export licenses in the small arms category ML1were signed under Labour in 1999. Small arms destinations included Israel,

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Lobby for a Renewed United Nations

Peter Hain, FCO Minister, to Speak on United Nations Reform Date: Wednesday, 6th December 2000; 2.00pm – 5.00pm Venue: Public meeting at Methodist Central Hall, Westminster, London Lobbying in the House of Commons between 3.30pm – 7.00pm Today, Peter Hain MP, Minister of State for Foreign

Press releases

CAAT condemns Government’s marketing of arms to India

Rachel Harford of Campaign Against Arms Trade said: It is shocking to learn that the Government is targeting India as a defence export market – describing it as one of the UK’s best-kept secrets. It is also appalling that at a time when India is under embargo by the US, the UK is not

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