Image of seven people, three in front four in back, in front of a court building, holding placards mostly saying "Not Guilty", one also saying "#StopDSEI", another saying "The arms trade is global, so is our resistance, #StopDSEI". Woman at front on left wearing a Palestinian scarf, raising clenched fist and cheering. Court building behind them.


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press release

CAAT condemns resumption of Israeli bombing of Gaza and calls for a two way arms embargo

Campaign Against Arms Trade condemns the resumption of Israel’s brutal bombardment of the occupied Gaza Strip, and calls on the UK government to implement an immediate two-way arms embargo on Israel.   Israel has committed unlawful attacks including violations of international humanitarian law, war crimes, and genocide at an unprecedented scale in retaliation


Statement on UK Arms Exports to Israel

Israel is using UK arms exports in a genocide against the Palestinian people. We call on the government to immediately revoke all licences for arms exports to Israel. It is not credible that the UK government or the Leader of the Opposition believe that the siege, bombardments and forcible transfer of civilians of Gaza are


CAAT Statement: Palestine

CAAT condemns the attacks which have caused the death and injury of thousands of civilians and stands in solidarity and compassion with all those affected by the atrocities, both in Gaza and Israel, and in communities around the world where there has been a drastic escalation in anti-Semitism and xenophobia. We call on the UK

Statement on Mwatana Freedom of Movement Restrictions

Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) is extremely concerned that our Yemeni partners, Mwatana for Human Rights, have reported that five members of staff including Chairperson Radhya Al-Mutawakel and Vice Chairperson Abdul-Rashid Al-Faqih, were prevented from travelling through Sana’a International Airport on 30th September 2023. No legal justification was

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