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Report cover for Arming Apartheid from CAAT, Palestine Solidarity Campaign and and War on Want: shows an image of a giant explosion in Palestine

Arming Apartheid

The UK and Israel have a deep, 2-way arms trading relationship, which contributes to Israel's repression of the Palestinian people and its maintenance of an Apartheid system in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

BAE: The People’s Jury

This document contains all of the original content of the website This site was published by Campaign Against Arms Trade in 2010 and taken offline in June 2023.

Study War No More

The report provides information about the funding of UK universities by military organisations, both governmental and industrial.

Image of man in suit aiming a gun. Title page with "Report" and Campaign Against Arms Trade logo at top, "Who calls the shots? How government-corporate collusion drives arms exports" at bottom

Who calls the shots?

CAAT report on arms industry influence on government and how this drives UK arms export policy

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