Image of seven people, three in front four in back, in front of a court building, holding placards mostly saying "Not Guilty", one also saying "#StopDSEI", another saying "The arms trade is global, so is our resistance, #StopDSEI". Woman at front on left wearing a Palestinian scarf, raising clenched fist and cheering. Court building behind them.


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Wrangling arms data for CAAT

The arms export licence app brought over 10,000 new visitors to the CAAT website. Ian Mackinnon quit his job to create a ground-breaking web app that allows anyone to browse the licences granted by the UK government for exporting arms. Here he talks about why this work was so

Constituents lobby Vince Cable Blogs

UKTI DSO: pimping for the arms trade?

Jim McCluskey, who lives in Vince Cable's constituency asks: As a Liberal Democrat MP Vince Cable supported the call to end government support for arms exports; what's he doing now he's trade minister responsible for the arms industry? The international arms trade fuels the World’s wars. This is essentially a criminal activity which

Drawing of a slave Blogs

The abolition of slavery in arms

"Am I not a man and a brother" – anti-slavery image Henry Boddington explores the parallels between the slave trade and the arms trade and explains why ending the arms trade should be a priority for today's world.  In 1769  the slave, James Somersett was brought to England. He was

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