Image of seven people, three in front four in back, in front of a court building, holding placards mostly saying "Not Guilty", one also saying "#StopDSEI", another saying "The arms trade is global, so is our resistance, #StopDSEI". Woman at front on left wearing a Palestinian scarf, raising clenched fist and cheering. Court building behind them.


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Resist the arms fair

One year before the DSEI arms fair is scheduled to take place, campaigners have promised resistance DSEI, one of the world's biggest arms fairs, is scheduled to return to London's docklands in September 2013. One year before it plans to open its doors, Stop the Arms Fair pledges


London candidates challenged on the arms fair

Every two years London hosts one of the largest arms fairs in the world. Two mayoral candidates have spoken out against the fair, and hundreds of emails were sent to others. Here, London CAAT member Jessie describes putting questions about the arms fair at a hustings. The hustings I attended on


Should the London Mayor support the arms fair?

What does Boris think about London's arms fair? CAAT activist Jessie has been focusing on the London Mayoral & GLA elections, May 3rd 2012. With Mayoral & GLA elections coming, we need to know what the candidates think about hosting a major, biennial arms fair in London. The arms

Members of London CAAT protesting outside the Spirit of Summer Fair Blogs

An exciting year ahead for London CAAT

The London CAAT group looks ahead to a busy year of protesting. Who we are London CAAT is a friendly group, made up of both new and more seasoned campaigners, who are committed to making a difference in London, the global hub of the arms trade. We're an active bunch and there's plenty to


Power and Counterpower

Tim Gee writes on the strength within protest - our Counterpower Anti-arms protesters outside parliament on DSEI Day of Action - 13 September 2011 (credit CAAT) I started my life as a campaigner because I was horrified at the arms trade. As a teenager I joined the minibuses to London


Taxpayers’ money wasted as DSEI-related trial adjourned till May

Supporters at Westminister Magistrates Court Anti-arms trade campaigner Chris Cole arrived at Westminister Magistrates Court ahead of time to defend himself against a charge of criminal damage outside the DSEI arms fair. He was accompanied by supporters who held a small demonstration outside the court. Fellow anti-arms trade

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